The STEM Center + MakerSpace

At the STEM Center + MakerSpace powered by Girl Scouts, we help girls excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) through collaborative, hands-on projects that promote creative problem solving and critical thinking. According to a study by Microsoft, 72% of girls want a job that helps the world, but only 24% of STEM jobs are held by women. At the STEM Center + MakerSpace, we are working to bridge that gap by introducing girls to STEM concepts that will help them tackle issues of today in their communities and the global problems of tomorrow. To learn more about how we are working to get more girls in STEM, follow us here or on Instagram!

I was taught that the way of progress is neither swift nor easy.
— Marie Curie, 2x Nobel Prize recipient
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The Way of Progress Blog

Learn more about the workshops we offer to get more girls into STEM and read stories about how girls are applying what they are learning on our blog.


Volunteer with Us

We rely on community volunteers in Sacramento and Modesto to staff events, prep materials and even facilitate workshops. Volunteers share their passion for STEM and serve as incredible role models for girls! Opportunities vary and we can help you find a way to give back that fits your schedule. Corporate opportunities are also available.

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Girls in STEM in Central California

We offer many opportunities to get your girls into STEM activities! Girl Scouts Heart of Central California has two STEM Center + MakerSpace locations to serve girls in all eighteen areas of our council. The Sacramento STEM Center + MakerSpace opened in November 2017 and our Modesto STEM Center + MakerSpace opened August 2018. Various STEM workshops are offered almost every night of the week! For tours, please click here. COMING IN 2019: Mobile STEM Center + MakerSpace!