STEM Center + MakerSpace Tour

It's a beautiful day to take a tour of the STEM Center + MakerSpace!

(PS -- we also have a video tour. Check it out here!)

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When you walk in to the STEM Center, look up! The community art project seen here will soon be replaced with a new one. This one was put together by GSHCC staff and visitors to the Modesto STEM Expo. When you visit, be sure to ask how to contribute to the new art project!

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Before the workshop starts, girls are welcome to complete an activity at the Spark area or the Marble Machine! 


Our 'Make' area is where the majority of our workshops take place. Everything is on wheels, in case we need to push everything out of the way and get down on the ground to make stuff. (We've done it!)

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Our Local Legends wall features a local female scientist, currently Dr. Pam Marrone. We'll switch it out later this year so be sure to come back and see who our next Local Legend is!


Our Fab Lab features a laser cutter, 3D Printers, a vinyl cutter, sewing machines and our laptop cart. We're working on adding more workshops that feature these big ticket items and teach girls how to use them to achieve their goals.


Our Coding area has everything necessary for girls to explore physical computing and circuitry. Our coding workshops have been a big hit and it's great to be able to project our facilitator's computer screen on our giant whiteboards. 

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Finally, our 'Living Room' was set up by Girl Task Force (pictured above is Teevyah-- one of the members!). In it, questions are posted on the wall and visitors can leave their answers on colorful Post-It notes.

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We hope you'll come visit us IRL soon (that's 'in real life'). Be sure to check the Activities page for open spots in workshops!

Beth Peters