March Round Up!

Goodbye, winter - Hello, spring! 

We hosted introductory workshops on coding with a volunteer who works as an engineer, earned some robotics badges and took apart a bunch of toys in March. For the first time, we hosted a drop-in, open-lab style workshop on a weekend for girls and adults to come to and make things together (missed it? There is another one April 21st!) 

This month, Microsoft released a new study on closing the STEM gap between the genders. It was really interesting (you can read it here) but what we took away from it is that our role in helping prepare girls for STEM careers and acting as their cheerleaders is more important than ever. The vast majority of girls want a job that will help the world in some way, but they're not making the connection that STEM careers can do that-- that's where we come in! We're dedicated to growing girls' awareness of STEM careers and contributions, especially those of women in STEM (check out our #wcw features on our Instagram!), getting girls into hands-on STEM activities and presenting them with amazing role models. 

It's validating to know our work at the STEM Center has an impact-- but we're just getting started! Since opening, we've serve 680 girls, which is a small fraction of our 18,000 girl membership council-wide, but it's a start. In April, we'll be growing our team and adding more workshops during the summer for girls to get exposure to STEM activities. In August, we'll be opening a second STEM Center + MakerSpace at our office in Modesto so we can better serve girls in our southern region. 680 girls is great-- but it's just the beginning! We're looking forward to having you along on this journey.

Beth Peters