Spring at the STEM Center + MakerSpace

We welcomed Spring like the rest of the world - by throwing open our big garage doors to let the fresh air in!

We hosted some brand new workshops at the STEM Center, like Brainy-Arts and Video Game Developer. Brainy-Arts was hosted by a volunteer and girls made thinking caps and neurons to get a crash course in neuroscience. At Video Game Developer, girls went retro and learned about the first video game: Pong! Then they were able to program their own Pong game!

We also hosted two robotics workshops as well, facilitated by one of our all-star volunteers: Rathish from Intel!

At Make-Together, visitors had to wait to register until the week of the event to make it easier for everyone to register. At the event, girls and their adults were invited to make together! They made DIY looms, a structure from dowels and rubber bands, and they were also invited to play with LittleBits and contribute to the new community art project! 

Check out photos of all our fun times below!