Summer at the STEM Center

We've had an exciting and busy summer in both the Sacramento STEM Center AND the Modesto STEM Center! Not only were we trying out new workshops and tools, and building a brand new STEM Center, GSUSA released THIRTY new STEM badges for Girl Scouts across the country to enjoy. It's been a busy summer!

In June, Daisies visited the STEM Center to make squiggle bots -- a STEM Center favorite -- and play at the Marble Machine. We also hosted some of our first 3D Design workshops and introduced forensic science to girls in Sacramento. Forensics has turned out to be our most popular workshop of the summer-- each one has sold out! Luckily, the volunteer who facilitates the workshop is a family friend (our STEM Specialist's, Rachel, sister!) and has graciously offered to facilitate one workshop a month. If you're interested, be sure to sign up early so you don't miss out!

July can be a slow month for many; folks are trying to take summer trips and everyone is trying to squeeze in as much summertime before school starts. For the STEM Initiatives Department, however, we went full STEM ahead!

In Sacramento, Rachel hosted workshops in cybersecurity, engineering and laser cutting. She helped host an event for Program Aides in the council and introduced workshops in space science. In the middle of the month, we hosted a STEM Badge Kickoff Party after GSUSA released the new STEM Badges to the public! Activities included building a rocket from cookies, working to filter water, robotics, and 'phishing' for cybersecurity tips. It was a hit!

After a little break for the Fourth of July, preparations on the Modesto STEM Center really got underway. Though it's been in progress since it was converted from a Cookie Cupboard in early spring, during July it all started to come together. Stay tuned for another post on the opening festivities!

The start of the new school year will bring some exciting new activities to both our Sacramento and Modesto STEM Centers. We can't wait to see you there!